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Artwork of Utopia Playing Cards

08 Oct, 2013

Artwork of Utopia Playing Cards

Utopia: A seemingly perfect and ideal place. When ideals collide, Utopia descends into Dystopia. The Utopia deck toys with the notions of loss of self and identity as well as conformity using highly structured and similar arrangements dosed with a touch of surrealistic imagery.

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February 13, 2014

Card Experiment should make a black utopia deck, changing nothing about the back design, pips, royalties, jokers, or other cards, but making it black. Don’t put on too much ink! Also, please keep the blue and red design. It looks amazing! You should also include a 3 card gaff. What it is is when you have an extra ace of diamonds, clubs, and hearts, which on the back, have a random card, like the 9 of hearts. I suggest that you put a heart on the back of the extra ace of diamonds, a diamond on the back of the extra ace of hearts, and a spade on the back of the extra ace of clubs. So, you would have 4 regular aces, and 3 gaffed aces. There is a reason the ace of spades is not gaffed. I have made this gaff putting two cards together, but it can make the audience suspicious, instead of just having one card with an extra face, which will work way better in magic. Please take the suggestion, because I think the black utopia deck with the 3 card gaff would be the coolest, most gorgeous deck of all time!!! :] You guys rock!

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