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Anicca Playing Cards : Silver Edition
Concept of the Anicca Deck All existence is impermanent. A nature marked by endless states of coming into being and passing away – a flux of arising and ceasing. The Anicca deck plays up this cycle of birth, growth, decay and demise with novel combinations of the familiar motifs of...
Artilect Playing Cards
  Concept of the Artilect Deck In the foreseeable future, when they arrive, and arrive they will, they will be smarter, think faster and have a larger, practically unlimited memory. They will be godlike; They will be utterly non-human. The Artilect deck re-imagines artificial intelligence by combining classic design devices...
Bicycle Asura Uncut Sheet (Red)
Authentic uncut sheets of playing cards pulled straight off the factory press. Limited Edition of 200 sheets They measure 22 inches by 26.5 inches. *Frame is not included   Concept of the Asura Deck Inspired by Asura the Demigod from Chinese and Hindu Mythology. The design exploits the Asura Domain...
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